Monday, November 16, 2009

Erin McKean Redefines The Dictionary - Live Blogging as Proofreading Practise: Billie Fleming

Most if not all of this is enumerated from Erin McKean's speech.
Lexicography double dactyl what words are good and what words are bad a The queen has made it so that the oxford dictionary has not changed Computers speed up the process don't change the result. The design has not changed. Computer dictionaries replicate all the problems of print serendipity search-ability. Finding a word that is not a in a dictionary is that it it is bad. Paper is the enemy of words. Material science tolerances speeches writing. The dictionary is artificial and we need to transcend paper. So many words so little people to find them. Lexicography is not rocket science. Words and enthusiasm is what makes up lexicography. You need a source for every word. If we leave our old views about how we receive, find and use words, there will be no need for the Victorian Dictionary
Read more about Erin McKean here in her Bio.

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  1. After the word bad in your second sentence there should a period. Then omit the next work "a". In your third sentence, after "changed" there should be a period. In your forth sentence, it doesn't really make sense. Maybe something like "Computers speed up the process; they don't change the result." The sentence starting with "Finding" is very hard to understand. "Speeches writing?"

    I do like your concluding sentence. It wrapped up the point of her speech very well.