Monday, November 16, 2009

In Class Proofreading Exercise: Shayna Fehr

Pain is an awful thing. It can leave as quickly as it arrives. The worst pain I have ever experienced happened last summer. It was just after lunch time, and I on my way back to work. When I walked up the stairs to my office, my stomach started to get a little uncomfortable. I threw it out of my mind, I had way too much work to do today than go home sick. Besides, I couldn't get food poisoning from the vegtable wrap I had eaten for lunch. Shortly after making it up the stairs, and sitting down at my desk, the uncomfortable feeling started to grow painful. Wanting to forget about it, I tired to ignore it. The pain was mounting quickly. Intensifying in mere seconds. The other lady who worked in the same office asked, "Are you alright Shayna? You don't look very good." At this point, I was nearly in tears. I hunched over my chair, trying to find a comfortable position. Nothing seemed to help. Erin, the lady who asked if I was alright, told me I better go home. I picked up my purse, and slowly headed out the door. Making it down the stairs was tricky. Every movement seemed to make the pain worse; nevertheless, I made it out of the office building, and into my car. I looked to my right; my cellphone was right beside me. I picked it up and called my mom. "Are you all right to drive?" she asked, concerned. I figured I was, so I drove myself to her office. On the way over, I had broken into a sweat. Tears were flowing from my face, making it incredibly hard to drive. When I parked my car in her buildings parking lot, she came out of the building, and helped into her SUV. From there she took me to the Grey Nuns Hospital.

The only position i could walk in was hunched over. The pain was still intensifying. My only thoughts were, what could be wrong with me? I'm healthy, no reoccurring (spelled wrong) medical condition could have caused this. I eat extremely well, and exercise regularly. I'm healthy! We did make it to the hospital's emergency room. The only thing that scared me, once we got inside, was how many people there were waiting to see a doctor. I just hoped that my condition was more severe than theirs, so I could make it in soon. The nurses brought me a wheel chair to sit in while I waited to see a doctor. Even though my screams were heard from everyone in that room, they didn't let me in. I have never experienced such pain before, and I pray to God I never will again. Two and a half hours later, I was brought in to see a doctor. They only asked me a few questions, "Is there any chance you could be pregnant? Have you ever experienced pain like this before? Does it hurt when I press here?" Soon after the doctor left, the nurse came in, and gave me shot. A few minutes later, I was in peace. No more pain, just sleep. I must have slept for hours, by the time the test results came back. The problem had been an erruptured cyst on my ovary. Who new something so small, could cause such grief.

Writing this post, without proof reading as I went, was a new experience for me. I usually write a sentence and then proofread it. I think I like my normal way of editing a little bit better. It allows me to keep my thoughts on track as I go.

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