Monday, November 23, 2009

Lecture 11: Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers

Misplaced Modifiers
Dangling Modifiers
Story Activity

a word or phrase whose function is to give information about another word or phrase in a sentence

  • Tall man
  • Discouraged student
  • Flying birds
  • The bird on the fence
  • Left unsupervised, the child made a huge mess in the kitchen.
  • Laughing hysterically, she told her friends how she found her cat stuck in a jar.

Types of Modifiers:
Adjectives (modify nouns and pronouns)
the RED house
Adverbs (modify verbs)
he ran QUICKLY
Phrases (modify an action or an actor)
LOOKING AT THE CLOCK, he noticed that he was late

Misplaced Modifiers:

Occurs when readers can’t easily relate the modifier to the word it modifies
He served steak to the men on paper plates.
Correct: He served the men steak on paper plates.

Do the Quiz:

Dangling Modifier:
A word or phrase that cannot logically describe, limit, or restrict any word or word group in the sentence.
Using a variety of pedagogical techniques, the students were taught grammar.
To improve his essay, each page was proofread.
While reading the novel, the pages that contain important information should be marked

Dangling Modifiers:
Occurs when the verb in the main clause does not have the same subject as the verb in the dependent clause and the subject in the dependant clause is not mentioned.
The term "dangling" derives from the fact that the dependant phrase is missing its subject and it is left dangling. Then, based on proximity, the dependant phrase is attributed (by the reader) to the subject in the main phrase. Hence the humorous or confusing effect the dangling modifiers have.
Stored in the refrigerator, we can keep oranges for 6 weeks.
Correct: Stored in the refrigerator, oranges last for 6 weeks.

Take the Quiz:

A misplaced modifier is found in sentences where an attempt is made to qualify part of that sentence but the reader is left unsure as to which part of the sentence is being referred to.
Dangling modifiers are very similar but taken logically actually render the sentence nonsensical.

Take FIFTEEN minutes to write a paragraph - as long as possible - containing as many misplaced and/or dangling modifiers as possible. You should have at least 5 sentences.
Post your paragraph as a comment on today’s blog post. Include your names and add a title (first line of your comment)
Count up how many misplaced modifiers you have and how many dangling modifiers you have.

When FIFTEEN minutes are up, correct a paragraph from another student(from the comments). You have TEN minutes to rewrite the paragraph with NO modifier errors. Note the title of the paragraph you’re rewriting and include your names
Did anyone correct your paragraph? Give them feedback in the comments.

Create Your Own Comic Strip Story
Create at least TEN frames
Choose an image and then add a speech bubble
Each sentence you write must contain a dangling or misplaced modifier
When complete, click on “blog this,” grab the code and paste it into your OWN blog post (html view)
Title: Comic Modifiers, First Name Surname
Label: Lecture 10, Dangling Modifiers, Misplaced Modifiers

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