Monday, November 16, 2009

In Class Proofreading Exercise: Billie Fleming

I was once engaged to a very interesting woman. For the purposes of this writing we will call her Tonya. We had been going out for about a year and a half, and on my 20th birthday we got engaged. Even at 37, from behind Tonya looked like a 12 year old boy and at most times we must have looked like a very odd couple. Not to mentioned the social stigmas of being "out" lesbians.- followed us everywhere we went.(Changed wording of sentence)Even though at the time it felt like the whole world, including my family, was against us, we trudged on and and got engaged. We have since seperated separated, for the betterment of bth both parties. After my birthday is was when we starting making plans for our future together. We moved in with eachother each other and everything seemed perfect.

Tonya had always wanted children. Her determination and love made me believe that I wanted them too, so in october October of that year we started to talk about babies. The first issue we faced was that Tonya wanted to carry the child, and she was already pushing 40. So we started scoping out sperm donors, on the internet and in our circle of friends. After some lomg long and tumoltuous tumultuous discussions we decided that we wanted complete anonymity when finding a donor. We just wanted the child to be ours and no one elses, like a normal family. What can be considered normal nowadays is completly completely up for question though. When I started to make the phone calls to Calgay Calgary and Toronto, which are where the two biggest sperm banks are in Canada, I was met with some skepticism and sexist backlash. It wasn't until I called a gay rights group in Calgary and was directed to a special section of a hospital that dealt with same sex adoption and artificial-insemination, that I got some positive results.

There are many problems that same sex couple face raising children. Peoples opinions can be completly completely with just cause and the rights of the children themselves are not taken into account as much as one would like. Every child needs a home, and every loving person who wants to bear a child and can take care of it to the best of their ability desearves deserves that chance.

Proofreading this writing exercise showed me more in depth where my grammatical errors are. I think I know more now about what I will need to study about for the final. Also, I now have a better idea about the thesis for my essay on gay and lesbian parenting/adoption.

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