Monday, November 2, 2009

Title: Subject-Verb Quiz, Caleb Caswell, Ramona Korpan, Jenny Nielsen

A mustache, having been worn by cops, royalty and famous delegates, (IS/ARE) regarded as being a fancy facial adornment for any man on the go.

When my son went trick-or-treating, there (WERE/WAS) houses that offered full chocolate bars and cans of soda-pop!

My son and his friend, who both attend Victoria Composite High School, located in downtown Edmonton, (WERE/WAS) suspended for a fight that involved condiments and spit.

As "Ballroom Blitz" played in the background, the man at the back said 'Everyone attack!' and the girl in the corner, who let no one ignore her, (WERE/WAS) winking at some dude.

TEST YOUR MIGHT!!! (Mortal Kombat music kicks in)

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