Monday, November 16, 2009

In Class Proofreading Exercise, Cassidy Munro

My mom has always told me that she married her soul-mate, her one true love. Unfortunately, after ten years of marriage and the brith birth oif of three children her soulmate soul-mate oassed passed away. Left jobless, husbandless husband-less, and depressed, she had three young children all under the age of ten to raise. My mom had become a singl single parent literally over night. I don't remember much of it, but I know that the first week left her reeling. There was a funeral to plan, two kids to get to school and my youngest sister, still in diapers, to take care of. Now, I love my mother and she's done the best job she could but it's always been a running joke with our family that she makes a wonderful parent but not a very good single parent.

In a way, our family was luckily. Becuase Because my dad worked for the B.C. Government we recieve recieved Workers Compensation and Canadian Pension Plan every month which meant my mom never had to re-enter the workforce after eight years of staying at home, nor did she have to worry about childcare.
She aslo also had a huge support system that helped her out. Both sides of my family consist of seven siblings, this meant a there was a veritable clan of caring family emebrs members ready to help after such a sudden tragedy. Not to mention the many family friends, teachers, and distant cousins who all pitched in to get my mom and us through though those first couple months. Eleven years later I still think my mom has given me and my sisters the best life possible considering the circumstances. Once she got back on her feet she put most of th the money from the government into trust funds for me and my sisters, which is what's now paying for my education, and I think my mom is happy even if she doesn't think she will ever love again. Unfortunately, many single mothers don't have the help and support that we had when tragedy stricks struck. Many women and their children are left destitute and without options when husband's die. Without the opportunities given to us there is a huge chance that my family could have become one of those that lived paycheck to paycheck with little to nothing to spare.

"Writing to express" is easier in a way because there are so many different ways to express yourself in words, as well as so many personal experiences to draw from. However, "writing to express" can also be hard because there are so many different ways to express yourself. I often have a hard time coming up with the right way to express exactly the feeling I want to evoke in the reader. An experience may leave me feeling a certain way and I want to express that in mt writing. "Writing to evaluate" can be easier for me because I simply have to work with what's given to me, there are few emotional choices to make. I actually do enjoy "writing to express" more than "writing to evaluate" even though I find the first harder at times.

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