Monday, November 16, 2009

In Class Proofreading Exercise: Lauren Wozny

My heart had always gone out to younger children who have (had) to go through their parents divorce. I thought that it must be hard at such a young age, when your (you're) so dependent on your parents, to watch mommy and daddy go their seperate (separate) ways. I found out first hand just a couple years ago that it doesn't matter how old you are. An event as pivital (pivotal) as divorce can still carry emotional damage even when your 18. My brother, father, mother and I had always been very family oriented. We had family game nights, family meetings and always seemed to be doing things as a family. Even though I was 18 I was still quite dependent on my family. My brother had become the best friend that never cancelled (canceled) his plans with me last minute. My mother became my teacher when life tossed some hard decisions at me. My dad became my should (shoulder) to cry on when the latest crush broke my heart.They helped to keep me grounded no matter what. Quite simply my family was the foundation of my life.

My strong ties with my family were possibly what made it so hard for me when my parents broke the news. My brother and I were blindsided by their decision. The turmoil had materialized over such a short period of time, and they were resorting to such a drastic measure. There had been no counceling (counseling) , no family talks or anything preventative (that would give a shread (shred) of hope at a chance for them to stay together) Awkward change to: (that could have given them a chance to stay together). It was done almost as quickly as it started. The only indication I had (remove-awkward) ever had that there was something wrong was when my father moved into the quest (guest) room two months earlier. No one outside the immediate family had any idea. It just happened. Both my parents have been candidly truthful with me about their decision since, and I know that neither of them consulted any sort of help until after the decision was made. To me it felt a bit hasty, but it was not my relationship to scrutinize. After my parents separation I began to notice just how many people I knew that went through, and were going through, the exact same thing as me. I remember when I was young and divroce was so uncommon in the small town I grew up in that the whole community was shaken up by it. It was the talk of the town for the whole year. However, now it seems that divorce has become much more common than that. Granted there are situations when the decision is for the best, but one can only wonder why there are so many haunting statistics floating around that state, "1 in 3 marriages ends in divorce" (and some people are on their third and fourth marriages) awkward change to: (Some people are even on their third and fourth marriages after a steady stream on divorces.) It seems as though the option of divorce might be being exercised a little too often, and the rising divorce rate is a testiment (testament) to it.

My sentences can get a little to wordy sometimes and one of by biggest corrections, other than spelling, was the cut back on how long some of my sentences were. I also realized how dependent I am on Microsoft's spell check. I had quite a few more spelling errors than I expected.

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