Monday, November 16, 2009

In Class Proofreading Exercise, Kayla Gaffney

After I came home from sping spring break in costa rica capitalize the words "Costa" and "Rica" since they are proper nouns, my mother sat me down on the couch. She asked me if I remembered my fathers skin condition. Thinkinghow insert a space between the words "thinking" and "how" weird it was that she was mentioning this, I just sat there and stared at her blankly word choice in this sentence is weak, but since it is in personal form, it may be considered adequate. My parents did not want to ruin my vacation, so they chose this time to tell me that my father had skin cancer. The cancer had spread to around fifty percent of his skin. Weeks later, i capitalize to an I found out that the boy that I had been interested in had cancer as well. He was diagnosed at nineteen. I watched my boyfriend go through manty many rounds of chemo use the full word chemotherapy since this is academic writing, losing his hair, and becoming weaker with each treatment.

The lifes lives that we are given do not last long. Usually, we become plagued with another option is to use the word "by" disease or a sickness of some kind. Since we are only hear wrong word "here" should be used for a short period, we must harness our own lives and live them to the fullest. Wasting time on trivial matters is simpley simply that, a waste of time. People should be happy with the time that they are given. We should use all of our time wisely, as we do not have much of it to begin with. The sickness in my family taught me to respect life’s boundaries and that we must take control of our lives to remain happy.

"Writing to express" is easier than "writing to evaluate" because there are set rules in evaluating. These set rules must be scrutinized very carefully when writing in an academic setting, while expressing a thought is much simpler than following many rules. I felt that brainstorming an idea took less time than re-reading my piece because I had to apply rules of grammar to the parts that were not correct.

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