Monday, November 16, 2009

Erin McKean Redefines the Dictionary - Live Blogging as Proofreading Practise: Kristen Harris

I'm nervous...
Streaming videos are fun.
Her shirt is ugly.I have no idea what that word is. She is trying to teach something about words. Fun words?? I wonder what she is thinking about. Oh it's a ugly dress. Cute picture of the dictionary. Some people do hug their dictionaries, thank-you very much. Why is she talking about being a traffic cop? Easy and fun, that sounds like an ideally job. Fisherman work super hard, she doesn't know what she's talking about. Of course dictionaries haven't changed. They are the definitions of words. Could you use it in a sentence please? They do that too now. Computers do speed up the process, not just for creating dictionaries, but for everything we do: banking, email, spying on friends via Facebook. Her shoes are ugly too. I think she is talking down on online dictionaries. I love the online dictionary, I use it all the time. She seems to have a good understanding of how information is passed down. Well we all know once a dictionary is printed it becomes out-of-date. Paper the enemy of words? What do you speak of? I'm glad paper dictionaries wont' be dominate. Too many trees are destroyed. Studying words could be useful, for a librarian. Just joking. To know a word is real, a word would have to have a definition. Without a definition the word cannot exists. It must have meaning! Or else it is just blabber.
Loving a word doesn't make it real. Adding words is keeping the English language moving. I suppose that makes sense. Yes, we all should be "helping" our language. She is still on the topic of there being "un-dictionary" words in the world. Of course, I thought we would be past this. Words that have more than one meaning are fun. Set has 33 definitions!! The dictionary as the map of the English language, what a great metaphor. Yes we are missing words!! Many words! Lets create a more thorough language. I heard the French have a word for the day after tomorrow. Why don't we!? I don't know if people find words, I think words are created to fill a void. I still don't know what lexicography is. It is super hard to copyright a word. They belong to all of us! Except for Dell, Mac, PC, ect. You can use these words but they do not belong to you. Oh she's American. Well I see American flags at least. Online dictionaries can be up-dated immediately. That makes more sense then using paper dictionary.

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  1. You have a very refreshing and humorous point of view. I enjoyed it a lot.

    1) I think you mean "paper dictionaries won't be dominant" not "dominate." "an ideal job" not "ideally job".

    2) Combining, the two sentences"Adding words is..." and "I suppose that makes sense" would allow it to flow better.

    3) I love your usage of exclamation points. However, you could use on at the end of "what a great metaphor" and I am not sure about the double usage of the "?!", of course that could just be me.

    4) A comma is needed after "Yes" in "Yes we are missing words!" There are a couple other places where you forgot commas.

    5) No hyphen in "up-dated"

    6) Be careful of sentence fragments. There are a couple within the post.