Monday, December 7, 2009

The Last Post by Shayna Fehr

Over this last term, I feel I’ve grown so much in my writing. I believe this is because of my newly found knowledge in grammar. Unlike Jennifer Kerr, blogging is not a new phenomenon for me. I’ve started a few blogs before, but as soon as I found myself a little busy, I dropped my regular blogging regime. However, as this semester grew more and more hectic, I didn’t have the luxury of dropping this blog. I’m glad I didn’t. I enjoyed this project, for it made me use my new skills in grammar.

Most people who know me, know I’m not a great speller. I remember back to elementary, when I had to take a weekly spelling test. Every Friday my teacher would hand out the class’ tests. This brought with it an anxiety attack like none other for this sixth grader. Those feelings came rushing back when Jessica asked us to line up in the middle of our classroom to perform a similar testing. I remember wanting to hide under my desk. Not only has this class made me use grammar, but perfect my spelling. When I’m typing furiously, and make a spelling error; I don’t reach automatically for spell check instead I inspect the word. Maybe I could fix it on my own? Most times, you know I’m right. I can fix the word without any help from technology. This class has been a great help with both spelling and grammar.

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  1. I felt slightly stressed about the in-class spelling bee also. I always did well on the elementary spelling tests, but now that I'm an adult I'm a spelling failure (sigh). I kind of want to believe the myth that once you have kids your brain wiring changes (must be the hormones);when I went home that day and googled, I found no supporting evidence!