Friday, December 4, 2009

Final Blog Post

PROW 100: Foundations of Composition has taught me a few things: that I really don't enjoy analyzing the more critical aspects of language, but, at the same time, how effective knowledge of proper grammar can be in one's own writing. In this way, the class was both a burden and a blessing; although, in hindsight, it will likely serve me well in my future pursuits. Creating such a portfolio is a good habit, but I can't see it being incredibly useful in my development as a writer. The entire concept of blogging seems so loose and unprofessional. I may like to use it as a way to vent my personal beliefs, but with so much available online these days, is it really worth it? From the standpoint of a future career, I don't think so. I've also learned that I'm not particularly fond of the movement towards online, "new" media for writers. It is very convenient, but a distinct change from the conventional ways of sharing and publishing information. Blogs, social networking sites, and internet news media might be very common and accessible ways to gain this information, but they have contributed to a loss of the art of human communication. There is still much more to be gained by person-to-person interaction than by cyber-connection.
There is no denying, however, that this movement will continue to grow, which is why it is wise for any writer to become familiarized to it. To me, it represents a growing social trend of impersonal communication and liberalization. (I might just be too staunchly conservative to see past the negative elements of social liberalism, but that is how I feel). As the world grows and becomes much more globalized, this can be useful, but has, without question, shifted the way we think, act, and communicate. I have always been more of a traditionalist when it comes to most things. I have a disdain for many aspects of modernity. Our society has grown foul, as a result. So, to sum things up, the class represents credits on a transcript, not much else. I guess it is just a stepping stone of sorts. It is a cynical view, but what's left to say?

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