Saturday, December 5, 2009

Add a Little Spice – Shayna Fehr

Adjectives and adverbs bring a special element to writing. They bring something no other part of speech can – spice. We learned this in our very first class in PROW 100. These two types of words modify, or change a word’s meaning.

First, let’s take a look at adjectives. This website has a detailed definition of adjectives. As I mentioned before, adjectives modify the meaning of a noun. Take this sentence for example, “The best men are kings.” In this sentence, “best” modifies men. Adverbs are very similar to adjectives in the way that the modify words. The difference between the two is which words they modify. Adverbs modify verbs. Go here to learn more about adverbs.

Kristen Harris used the phrase in one of her post, “The greatest resource writers have is their own minds.” I’d really have to agree strongly with her thought here, but adjectives and adverbs are also a powerful resource to use. They allow writers to bring a broader scope to their writing, by enlarging their parts of speech toolbox. They also allow writers to expand their imaginations. All of a sudden a fence can be blue, red, or pink! Use adjectives or adverbs to bring an interesting aspect to your writing.

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