Sunday, December 6, 2009

Curtain Call by Shawna Blumenschein

I will admit that at the beginning of the term I dreaded this class. Grammar has always seemed incredibly boring to me and the prospect of long three hour lectures discussing the finer points of dangling modifiers or such was yawn inducing. Thankfully, this class ended up being far more interesting than I expected and definitely not boring.

On the whole I appreciated the opportunity to refresh, review, and clarify certain elements of grammar. The collaboration with classmates and the various exercises in the computer lab made the material more interesting and engaging. As a writer, this class has brought into focus a variety of things: when it is and is not appropriate to break the rules; the value of thinking about my own writing and why I make certain decisions; and that there is always something else to learn or improve upon.

The blog project was a welcome opportunity to do some actual writing and see my fellow classmates’ opinions on a variety of issues. In addition, the blog highlighted the immense power and role of the Internet in writing. Not just the ability to create a blog and have it read by people the world over, but the greater realization that by doing that we were all contributing to a larger discourse and global community of writers, teachers, editors, et cetera. A blog is invaluable as a tool to showcase a writer’s work as well as his or her familiarity and comfort with the online world. As such, this project was helpful for pushing all of us into that world, especially for those classmates of mine such as Kristen who had not previously experimented with blogs.

Given the growing importance of the Internet for corporations as well as freelance writers, I plan to stay on top of developments in the cyber world. Staying abreast of such trends as blogging, social networking, and whatever innovation emerges next will only aid me in the future. It is best to grow with these advances rather than play catch-up a few years down the road.



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