Monday, October 19, 2009

"Txt Spk" News Paper Article by Shayna Fehr

The original article, "Men Who Buy Sex Feeding Brutal Human Trafficking Trade", The Edmonton Journal. October 19, 2009

Men Who By 6 Fding Brtl Humn Trffckng Trd

Edm - A legl crckdwn on men who by 6 is 1 way of rddng d wrld of d scrge of hmn trffckng, says CAD jrnlst & authr Victor Malarek.

Thr r lws tht deal w crms assctd w hmn trffcking, such as kdnppng, asslt, & rape, but d wrld is stll ptrrchl & mny blv wmn becm prstits b choice & men who by 6 r smply "boys being boys" or "sowng thr wild oats", Malarek said in an intrvw Sun.

"Thr is a lot of 'wnk, wnk, nudg, nudg' stll in our polc frcs, all d way up 2 d Crowns (prsectrs) & in2 d cuts. Tht hrsblinder thnkng has got 2 stp. We hve 2 strt lkng @ d realty tht is out thr, & d realty is tht ths wmn r bing prstitted wrdwd & thrghout NA and Can," he said.

"Thy r d vctms of a systm tht is in plc 4 men, so u hve 2 decrmnlzd wmn & crmnlze d men. Once u do tht, u send out d msg tht it is men who r respnsbl, & u wll see thngs strt 2 chng." Malarek, a snor reprter w CTV currnt affrs shw W-5 & the authr of 5 bks, incldng D Natashas and D Johns, was d kynt spker at a fndrsng event held by Mpl Leaf AB Projcts.

The Edm Anti-hmn trffckng grp, in partnrshp w d Sasktn-bsed actvst grp NASHI, is hlpng 2 bld a safe hous & trning cntr in d villg of Stoyanic, Ukraine.

D cntr will hous & trn @rsk yoth who r 2 old 4 orphnges so thy will b safe frm humn trffckrs. It is estmtd tht 500,000 wmn & yong grls hav been abdcted frm Ukraine since 1992 by humn trffckrs, most likly sold in2 prstittion.

The UN estmts hmn trffckng genrts $7 2 $10 blln annlly 4 orgnzed only by arms dealing.

Last mnth, dtctvs in d Edm Polc Srvc's vice unt, w assistnce frm d RCMP & CAD Brdr Srvces Agncy, raded a west-end masg prlor.

Polc rescd 3 wmn & chrgd 3 othrs w offncs asscted w hmn trffckng.

D wmn had prmannt resdnt stats in CAD & came 2 Edm thnkng thy wer coming 2 wrk in a legtmate masg spa. Instd, thy were allgdly frcd 2 provd 6 arnd d clck, 7 days a week, eating & slping in d rooms whr thy wrkd.

D incrse in NA 6 trsts trvllng 2 devlping cntrs, porngrphy & d Intrnt has made humn trffickng d gr8st humn rights prblm of d 21st centy, Malarek said.

Until lwmkrs & govnmnt ldrs in devlpd cntries strt tkng a tough stand, ths glbl crsis will only contnue 2 grow.

"We r in d 21st cntry & we r tlking abt d enslvmnt of yong wmn... U cnnt belev wht is going on out thr, & thr r no alrm bells going off abt ths situatn."

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