Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lecture 5 - TXT SP33K ARTIKL

For the purpose of comparison, here is the original article.

LUNDN- 4mr CDN prIm minster Jean Crechn rec33vd a prstijus nd rare awrd frm Q LIZ teh 2nd in LUNDN on toos-d.

The Q awrdd the Ordr of Mrt to Crechn durin a sml sermny n Bukinhm Palas

Crechn, 75, bcame the #4 CDN evr 2 r3c33v teh awrd

Pwnl3 24 livn membrs can hld teh ordr nd it plac's Crechn Amng figers sch as Wnstin Chrch-ill, Mthr Tr3sa nd DwIt Isnhour

Buknhm Palas sed tht teh 'speshl mrk o'onOr" is a prsnl gift frm teh sawvren nd duz nt rekwIr, as sum othr awrds doo, n3 advIs frm teh CDN gov

Teh on'er, whch incloodz a mdl nd teh rite to pt OM ftr his sirnAm, rekgnIzs Crechns 40 y33rs n pblik servis

Crechn wuz prIm mnstr of CDN frm 1993-2003. H3 lso servd n teh cbnet of P33er TroodO, hldn vr3us prtfOliOz incldn justus, fInans nd ind33an afairs

Crechn sed he 1st met teh Q br33fl3 n 1967 nd got 2 nO hr wen h3 nd his wIf, Al3n, hstd teh ryl fam 4 6 dAz drring teh NWT 100 y33r p4rty n 1970

Most of the technique used in writing is trying to truncate the word into simple forms. Some letters are omitted thinking that the reader will automatically place them between consonants. Capital letters are used when wanting to have a harder vowel sound (eg. capital 'O' when the sound is to be like 'owe'). Numbers written out into actual words are exchanged with numeric symbols, and the letter 3 takes the place of the double 'e' sound in several places. This is used more in internet 'l33t spk' rather than texting, and was included for humor. That also includes the replacement of the with 'teh'.

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