Monday, October 19, 2009

Lecture 5 Post

I found my news article from the Edmonton Sun titled "New $465M U of A science building to open in stages." A link to this article can be found here.
EDM- Grn & Gld trps still cver da 8 stry hgh atrium n da U of A’s nu Centenial Cnt 4 intrdisnary sci, but da 1st 500 ct lectr hall will opn dis Jan.
Da buldn es 6 strys tall wit 3 towrs concted bi sun-lit atria, n will dominate da N sde of da campus.
While da hole $465-Mil prject wnt b opn until at least Jan 2011, da Jornal n a few faculty got a snek peek recently.
It’s a maj logstical challnge. Ther’s a lot of passion n dis ting,” said G. Taylor, D of Sci n da only 1 of da original planng tem still involved aftr a 7 yr odyssey.
“Kep n mind dis is mor cmplicatd dan a hosp,” said Taylor.
Some equip hd 2 b built on its own foundation, or isolation pad, n engineers had 2 run elev xtra slo n ordr braided yer 2 reduce electromagnetic interference. Bluprnts call 4 300 fume hoods, Taylor said, n ducts 2 pump bad air out n sum parts of da building r more dan 2 met n diameter. “Da air xchnge n dis building is enormous.”
Wen da building is fin, 5 deprtmnts will share das spc, incldng 9000 studnts.
Da need 2 accommodate mor studnts wuz da biggest rezun 4 da nu buildin, said Taylor. Studnt nrolmnt n da scis jumpt 24 per cnt n da fal of 2002, n “demnd has not gon down since,” he said.
As a result, da faculty had 2 increse admison stndrds. But wit da nu building about 2 open, dos stndrds r strting 2 cum down again. Da building will make spc 4 1,100 nu undrgrduate students n 476 at da graduate level.

These two styles are so far from each other it's mind-boggling. Proper English used in the original article is well thought out and clear. Anyone who possesses a reading level around 5-6 should be able to understand all the terms presented.
On the other hand, for someone to be able to understand my "txt spk" translation, they would have do be familiar with how text speak works and be able to see how a word can be manipulated. Someone who had never seen or used txt spk before would probably find my translation intelligible.

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