Monday, October 19, 2009

Txt Spk News Article by Jenny Nielsen

The following is an article from the Halifax Herald, "Manslaughter acquittal appeal", transcribed in text language:

Mn-slghtr Acqtl Appl
N.Sctia's jstce systm nt qte fnshd wth the mn who ws aqtd of 2nd dgree mrdr n da deth of 3 yr old Sam Mrcr lst mnth. "We hve fld a ntce of apl of da dcsn, sd Chris Hnsn, spk-wmn fr da prov's pblc Prsctn srvce. Trry Dean Alln, 28 ws fnd nt glty by Jdg Aln Tfts in Tro Prov crt aftr a 2 wk trl in Jne. Mr. Alln ws srvd ntc of the decsn lst Frdy. The lttle grl died n 2005 whl in the care of Mr. Alln. He ws lvng wth Sam & hr mthr, Alsha Mrcr, who ws thn hs gf. Evdce @ the trial idctd the chld sffrd a svre hed injry, 8 frctrd vb, fcrd rm & lts of brs's. She died hrs l-8er @ hsptl. Mr. Alln denid hrtng hr & sd l-8er she fll dwn a flt of strs. He tstifd she aprd alrt after & evn wtched tv bt fll sleep on couch & he thn pt hr 2 bed. Whn frnds cme 2 vst l-8er he tstfd he hd been frntcly tring 2 gt a driv 2 hsptl bcse he ws cncrd about the chld. He smkd a jnt wth hs frds bfr chckng on Sam once agan. Whn he did chek hr she ws n-rspnsve. the Crwn is aplng the dcsn by Jge Tffts on 3 grds. Da frst grds sggsts da Prv. crt jdge errd n lw by mkng a fdng of fcts & drwng infrncs of fct bsd on spec in da abscn of any spprtng evdnc. Da app 4 appl sggsts da jdg erd in lw by bsng a fndg of resnble dbt on spec & conjct spptd by evdnc. Da lst pnt is all inclsv & rfrs 2 any sch grnds or appl as my appr frm a rview of da rcrd of da prcdng. Nthr Mr. Alln or hs lwyr cld be rchd 4 cmmt Mon.

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  1. The differences between the two styles of the articles are extreme and range from a strong visual contrast to tone and style. The article was initially written in a professional journalistic format; however I altered it drastically into an informal conversational read by removing most of the vowels, shortening and abbreviating words and substituting words for numbers and symbols. It is my opinion that if I were a Journalist writing serious news I would not be taken seriously or respected in my field if I were to rely on text language to write a story. The article I chose to translate into text-speak concerns the death of a child, therefor it should be given the respect it deserves by giving the English language the respect it deserves. I sincerely hope that our language does not "evolve" any further, if evolving means converting to text-speak language to communicate in professional situations.