Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Animal rights groups threaten lawsuit unless Edmonton frees Lucy the elephant

Last Updated: 20th October 2009, 12:13pm

Text version:

animl ryts groups r takN their fyt 2hv lucy d elephant movD frm edmontons valy z% a notch. zoocheck [|*|] n ppl 4t ethical treatmnt of animals av obtaind a legal opiniN ritN by prominent toronto-based lwRy clayton ruby.

ruby sEz unl d CT of edmonton agrees by Nov. 19 2 allow lucy 2B shipped 2 a sanctuary n cali, he wl file a lawsuit alleging dat d CT S violating d alberta animL protection act by keepn d sick 6\/) n distress. Ruby sEz he’ll argue dat d z% S also violating provincial stdz 4 zoos by housN lucy solo, w/o d co. of oder elephants.

d animL ryts groups av ritN a letta outlining their demands 2 edmonton mayor stephen mandel n ct council. lst mth, wen 4mer TV host bob barker came 2 d CT 2 plead dat lucy b movD, d CT Rleased a rprt dat z d 34 y old animL wz doiN fyn n dat a mve cUd endanger her lyf.

See here for the unedited article.

So this assignment is was very interesting. Obviously when comparing the two style of writing, the more colloquial way looks foolish and uneducated. I would never use this type of speach in my daily life. I prefer the more formal way of writing, although the way I speak sometimes is another matter. For certain I hope that this is not the way of the future for writing. I also don't know how this assingment particularly pertains to learning the English language.

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  1. Billie, I'm glad you found the assignment interesting and hopefully it did make you reflect on the English language and the important of grammar to maintain clarity and logic. In our course we're also interested in the evolution of speech. Changing a piece of writing into another style (arguably a difficult task) is just one way we can think about language and style that are appropriate to the reader and context (as you intimate with your comment about written and spoken language). We can also note how standard English (what we aim for in our class and professional writing) varies in degrees of formality and what some of the differences between usage might be.