Monday, October 19, 2009

Txt spk Activity- Jennifer Kerr

CALGARY — TF iz stll mullin ovr wthr 2 file a complaint agnst th jr hcky cch he sys molestd hm as a teen.

Th frmer NHL playr says he’s cnsidring intiating a nw plice invstigtion aginst GJ hoo he claimz sxually abusd hm frm th age of 14.

“I hvn’t (decided). Thr’s n tmtable. Itz in th hands uv my lawyers right now,” F. sed Mon.
Th allegations aginst J. wr made in F’s nwly released memoir, Playing With Fire, + in subsequent media interviews.

Th. C P S Sktchw. RCMP and MJ PS hv sed rcntly thy have not received a cmplnt frm F, but if thy do, thy will initiate an invstgtion.

Th CPS sed th cmplt wud b hnded ovr 2 th police in th jurisdiction where th alleged offnce occrred. Privacy concrns wud also rstrict thm frum pblcly reveeling deets of th cs if it was 2 go 4ward.

F’s bk, cw by K M-D, deetls hiz rz in hcky n his troubles w/ alchl and drgs. N after years uv spclation, 4 th 1st time F pblicly dscribes how he wuz sxually absed.

In 1996, James wuz chrged by Calg. police w/ 2 cnts of sxual assault invlving hndrds of incidents aginst 2 of his 4mer players, inclding frmer NHL player S K, ovur a span uv 10 years.

He l8r plded glty n wuz sntenced 2 3 1/2 years in prson. Th CHA impsed a lfetime ban on coaching.

The original article is concise and easy to understand. With a full keyboard, it would not have taken the writer long to type this 300 word article up. However, once it has been converted into text speak, it becomes difficult and confusing to read. Some condensed words could have more than one meaning, and most readers aren’t willing to take the time to figure it out. It looks unprofessional and is impossible to read with the sort of flow that exists in speech and standard English. It is much easier to communicate both tone and intent using the standard English that we use in every day conversation.

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  1. I don't use a lot of txt spk so it amazed me how far certain words can be shortened. I agree with your assessment that the article is almost impossible to read; many of the sentences appears to be only a bunch of letters.