Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Txt Speak Assignment by Kayla Gaffney

Sicko Skater Released

A inline sk8in city m who groped a preggo wm walkin wit her tddler & threatened 2 stb her if she ddnt stp screamin wz let out on prbation yester.

Micheal Mathew Campbell, 21, wz hnded a 6-mnth jail trm on his guilty plea 2 sxual assult & spkin a death threat, h-ever, the sentnce has already been srved by the 3 1/2 mnthz he spent in cstdy.

Campbell wz also plcd on prbation 4 2 yrs wit conditions th@ he take sxual offender relpse prgramming & get counseling 4 angr mngmnt.

He mst alsoabide by a dly 10p.m. 2 6a.m. crfew & not b alone wit n-e-one  under the age of 16.

Campbell who has been diagnosed as shvong dpression, stood up in court yester & said he new  wht he had done waz "wrng" & accptd th@ he needs hlp.

Court hrd earlier th@ Campbell,  while on inline sk8s, had cnfrntd a 20-yr-old wm who wz 9 mnths preggo as she was wlkin eit her 1-&-a-1/2-yr-old son 2 their N.E. E-town home from a nearby Mac's store about 11:40 p.m. on June 4, 2008.

As the wm rched the xterior strway 2 her home, Campbell  uttrd an obscene st8ment, causing her 2 bcm fearful & bgin scrmin she wz preggers.

Campbell then told the wm 2 "Sht up & stp scrming or he would stb her," court hrd.

He then pshed her shldr, 4cing her against a wall, & grbbed 1 of her breasts.

The yung mom then sccessflly kicked Campbell in the groin & ran wit her son 2 a neighbors rez & clld 911.

The differences in these two types of speak are quite great. In re-reading the text-speak, I found it very hard to read. The severity of the situation was last when using text-speak. I found that I was making a joke out of a serious situation in converting the plain English into text-speak. Making anagrams and abbreviations was also hard for certain words. Text-speak changes the feel of the article too much to let text-speak become completely mainstream.

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