Monday, October 19, 2009

Lecture 5 assignment by Lauren Wozny

3 Hurt in Dwntwn Explshn.

It waz around 12 wen a wrkr @ the Cliff St. heating plnt nu sumthing had jst gone trribly wrng.
A boilr had jst explded @ the plnt that supplies heating 2 various bldings along Wellingston St. & on Parlimnt Hill.
“We hrd n explshn & off went the hydro & we nu we bttr get out of there quickly,” said a contractr ID-ed as Donny.
“We certnly ddnt no wat it waz all about, but we nu there had bn an explshn.”
Aftr he & othr wrkrs evac-ed, they went back in 2 hlp an njurd colleague.
“The 1 fellow, it waz jst a case of tryng to cmfrt him til hlp arrivd bcuz I ddnt feel vry qualified myslf 2 b able 2 hlp.”
3 ppl were njurd in the blast which also damagd the structr & vent systm.
Paramedics said 1 of the njurd waz a 51-yr-old wrkr who suffrd serious 2nd-degree steam brns 2 the uppr ½ of his body & a laceration 2 his head.
Ottawa Paramedics spksmn J.P. Trottier said the vctm likely waz hit in the head by a pipe or piece of metal, but had remaind conscious thru-out the ordeal.
The othr 2 men were also dscrbed as about 50 years old. 1 had 1st-dgree brns 2 his face and n arm, while the 3rd man sufferd only minr bumps and bruises.
Trottier said steam brns can be particularly dangrus bcuz they can develop in2 3rd-dgree brns withn hrs.
N nvstigation, which cud take a cupl of days 2 conclude, is undrway 2 assess the blding 4 stability. Those ntring the structure wore prtectiv msks aftr it waz cnfirmd the blding contained asbestos.

I found my biggest goal writing in text speak was trying to make it comprehensible for the reader. There can be several ways to abbreviate a word, but how many of them will someone actually recognize? Everyone has their own way of thinking about things so there can be many differences in the translation of the article. I found it much more difficult to write in text speak, a form of communication that's supposed to be easier, for that reason. It's less stressful to write in traditional English; it's universal and you're guaranteed no mix ups and miscommunications that way.

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