Monday, October 19, 2009

Lecture 5: "txt spk" News Article Rewrite by Brent Stempfle

For this assignment, I used the article "Man who beat store clerk doesn't want jail time" by Karen Kliess

Mn who beat store clerk dont want jail tm

an edm mn who beat a clthing store clerk w/ a hmmer n held a gun to his hed n thretnd 2 shoot his legs askd a jdge not 2 send him 2 prson.
omar househ plded gilty in may to unlwful confinment, assalt and pointng a firarm in conction w/ the may 6/07, incdnt that mad hedlins wen it endd w/ the deth of 38yo ola tinineh moses. nobody hs ben chargd w/ moses’s mrdr.
on mon, crwn prsector melanie hayes-richards n def lwyer paul moreau made a joint sub 4 a 3 yr prson sntnce in househ’s case.
hwevr, moreau ?ed the jdge to do sum legal math nd allow his client 2 serv a 90dy intrmittnt sntnce, wich means he wud go 2 jail on the wknds only. he said househ sufred a srs gnsht wund n Jan 2008 nd has hlth probs.
ths shud nt b consdrd a prcednt 4 ny othr case moreau said. in ths case, da offndrs sit is so xtrdnry ... hs hlth s xtrmly prcars, he reqs cnstnt med care moreau said.
moreau sd househ hs chngd hs lif snc th 2007 asslt nd ntd tht hs prob offcr blvs he s a gud cndt 4 com superv. he also argud househ’s hlth care wud likly b cmprmisd f he wer snt 2 prsn.
hayes-richards countrd tht edms max sec prsn hs a hsptl nd cn prvid trnsprt 2 othr hsptls wen nec. she sed th suprm cort f cnd hs mad it cler tht cndtnl sntncs r nt avlbl n cas lik ths.

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