Monday, September 28, 2009

Webquest by Shayna Fehr

The English language is full of mechanical principals that are necessary if you are going to write correctly. The history of why our language is this way can be further explored here. There are a few fundamental things a sentence needs to have for it to be a proper sentence. Those things include verbs and nouns. A verb is an action word. It is used to put nouns into motion. Nouns on the other hand, are the subject of your sentence. Things like people, places, things, or ideas are considered to be nouns. To make your writing more interesting, you should also include things like adjectives and adverbs to your sentences. These words are used to describe nouns and verbs. Take a tour of this website for additional information regarding adjectives and adverbs. Further study of the English language will reveal other mechanical aspects you should work into your writing. The textbook, Correct Writing, goes into great detail of how you are to use things like capital letters, italics, apostrophes, hyphens and numbers in your writing. These things are all important in creating a piece of writing that is grammatically sound.

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