Monday, September 28, 2009

Grammar Webquest: Jennifer Kerr

A basic understanding of English grammar is important in clearly communicating. Attention to details in mechanics, such as capitalization and hyphenation is instrumental in clearly expressing a point through writing. The language is governed by many rules which help to clarify the meaning of words and sentences. For example, with proper capitalization, proper nouns like names can be distinguished from common nouns. To understand why all of these rules are important, an understanding of the history of English grammar is necessary. Grammar has been studied and taught for hundreds of years, and is constantly evolving. The parts of speech are another important part of English language. Knowing what the different words in a sentence are used for will help in understanding the meaning of the sentence. A sentence is always comprised of a subjects and a verb, which work together to give the reader information. Words such as adjectives and adverbs help to describe the subject and verb, clarifying or enriching their meaning. Once an understanding of grammar is reached, communicating clearly with the English Language is much easier.

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