Monday, September 28, 2009

In-Class Assignment - Webquest - Cassidy Munro

The English language is complex and diverse language that can be difficult to learn as a second language. The use of important mechanics such as capital letters, italics, the apostrophe, the hyphen and numbers all help in the proper use of the language and can aid a new learner in proper grammar use. When someone is aware of and able to use proper grammar it makes them a better listener, reader, thinker, writer and communicator. For instance, you can use a hyphen to distinguish between recovering a book from someone or somewhere, and physically re-covering the book. Understanding how English grammar developed can be important when understanding how to properly use grammar. The ESL in Canada website contains a very useful article that quickly and briefly describes the history of English grammar. Adjectives and adverbs are also an important aspect of the English language; they colour and describe the world we live in. A helpful article on the proper use of adverb and adjectives can be found on the University of Victoria website. Another important skill to have when using proper English Grammar is the ability to locate verbs and subjects in a sentence. It can be difficult to pinpoint whether or not grammar is correct without being able to properly identify what part of the sentence is what. Tips and a short quiz on locating the verbs and subjects in sentences can be found on the GrammarBook website.

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