Monday, September 28, 2009

Grammar Webquest: Kayla Gaffney

English is a universal language. Most countries in the world have some knowledge of how to speak English. To speak English; however, you must learn the fundamentals of grammar. The English language has evolved since it's beginnings. This website shows a time line of how the English language progressed. This link shows key events that lead to English being a commonly used language and how it was formed.
The basic pieces of English are the noun and the verb. The noun is capitalized if it is a proper noun such as Canada, Peter and/or England. The first word at the beginning of a sentence is always capitalized. Verbs are the action of a sentence. They are what the subject is doing. Verbs are words like run, jump and kick. They give movement to a sentence. Subjects and verbs make a sentence complete. Adjective and adverbs describe, respectively, nouns and verbs. Adverbs tend to end in "ly" like the word quickly. Adjectives can be anything from colors to other descriptive words.

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