Monday, September 21, 2009

Introductory Blog Post Kayla Gaffney

Who am I? That is a wonderful question. I am an eighteen-year-old girl who loves to put pen to paper. The act of being immortalized in an actual book is my dream. Leaving a legacy of books behind in a library or bookstore is what every writer hopes to accomplish. I am taking this course to better my writing skills and to develop different styles of type. This class is going to enable me to break down grammar into different fragments and classify them correctly.

Proper English is the basis of many classes in college. It is also extremely important to stay politically and grammatically correct when addressing large bodies of people. It is said that traditional paper dictionaries may be becoming obsolete and that the wave of computers are going to wipe out libraries. Computers tend to break down, have hiccups and delete material that was not saved properly. Actually writing out words and sentences helps to exercise both sides of our brains, making our education well rounded. Power bars and plug-ins are not found all over the world, so the traditional dictionary will never be dead.

Text speak is sweeping the world through our youths and even leaking into the older generations. There is an immense amount of love and thought placed spread throughout complete sentences that cannot be compared to a simple “ttyl <3.” Our students are not absorbing age-old poems by Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare because they are not able to comprehend the complex sentence structures of older times. Text speak corrupts the English language by making a shorter and polluted version of an actual conversation.When using proper parts of the English language, you make writing more exciting. Adjectives and adverbs make plain sentences more exciting. Andrew and Ramona make reference to using parts of speech to make sentences more eloquent.

Language is a form of communication that is never going to fade away. The way we communicate to other humans, specifically in word choice, can convey our emotions in the easiest way. Regarding the statement that language acts as a “window onto the human nature” is completely correct, in my opinion. To get across our views and feelings, we use language to release or feelings to the world. Other humans are able to feel our presence through how we bring our voice out and our particular choice of words.

For any body to move, it needs a framework. The actual human body has a skeleton that supports our entire structure. Our frame does not lessen our ability to be mobile. The range of motion that the body has is quite infinite. The same can be said for the actually sentence. Steven Pinker once said, “The verb is the chassis of the sentence.” The verb is the actual movement of the sentence. It is the action of any story and keeps the sentence moving in new directions. Verbs are limitless as are the movements of a sentence

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